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04 September 2021

Believing in two

In the life of the Church, the contribution made by women comes in many shapes and forms, which become evident and exemplary in the concreteness of living experience. Today, their contribution is able to indicate a path for the Church’s regeneration, and more besides. After having recounted the ... PDF
This month we present the “earthquake” women.  These are the women who have caused unexpected tremors and challenged the accepted equilibrium of their time, and who have sometimes paid dearly for the price of this ensuing turmoil. There are examples of this in all religions, the Scriptures and ... PDF
In the gospel according to John, a Samaritan woman is the one who argues with Jesus. She is not exactly an exemplary woman, in fact quite unconventional, having had five husbands and now a new man. It is precisely for this reason that Jesus listens to her and begins an intense discussion that leads ... PDF
We hope that the GDP to come will be female. Let us hope that the new economy, the one that will have to replace the bankrupt and unjust current one, is going to include value and be led by women. Many people hope so. There are many who think that a new female leadership can change things. As Sister ... PDF
With the Covid-19 pandemic, a constant relationship with death has returned to us.  The great repression. Contemporaneously, the virus has changed, and has denied us two moments that are considered exclusively human and of civility namely accompaniment and funeral rites. In fact, there is an ... PDF
06 March 2021

Without fear

We must not be afraid to give space to women, argues Francis. These words strike us, and lead us to reopen a reflection. Has there ever been, and is there still a fear of women in the Church? Surely, Jesus was not afraid of women, for his life was marked by encounters with various female figures, ... PDF
The educational emergency as identified by Benedict XVI and Pope Francis’ global educational pact demonstrate the indisputability of the enormous problem with instruction. This issue cannot be addressed without questioning the framework within which we operate for that is one of the reasons that has ... PDF
In Women Church World this month, we have not recounted who the nuns are today; we could not have done so. The religious make up three quarters of the Church, and are her backbone, and her soul. They are scattered over the five continents, and perform the most varied functions. This issue’s ... PDF
28 November 2020

The pity of women

Popular piety is a language that is composed of external signs and shared customs through which people express their religiosity. This devotion, especially that of Catholics, can include pilgrimages to sacred places, visits to sanctuaries, local worship of the Virgin and saints, the custom of ... PDF
24 October 2020

The African Women

Those who are not from Africa can generally be divided into two groups: those who have never been there and those who have lived there, at least for a while. The former can only have prejudices, and in principle, this is inevitable, for we can only build partial representations of that with which we ... PDF