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This issue of Women Church World features the stories and the experiences of women who are active within prisons with their social commitment and voluntary work, or moved to be so with faith. The choice of this topic coincides with the national conference Being Women In Prison organized by the Union ... PDF
01 April 2023

Mind, Heart, Hands

This issue of Women Church World for the month in which Easter falls, we report on research, experiences, studies, stories of women who deal with theology out of interest, work, and faith. These include those who study God, some examining the Scriptures from a feminine and feminist perspective, and ... PDF
We wanted to meet with and talk to women around the world who are fighting for change and who are the protagonists in the fight for life and freedom today. Afghan, Yazidi, Iranian, Kurdish, African, South American, Indian, migrant women. Different and far from us and yet so close in their desire to ... PDF
04 February 2023

We are all missionaries

Women who go beyond. This is how missionaries can be defined, here paraphrasing Madeleine Delbrêl’s definition. These people are those who set out towards distant horizons and remote places where they live in the sense of being witnesses and often die as martyrs. In addition, these are the women who ... PDF
07 January 2023

The new leaders

Nuns have always been on the front line. However, what is new today is that they are stepping forward as leaders to bring about change in this world in crisis. In addition, they are pledging to take on a central role as spokespersons for the most marginalised communities, and reclaiming their vast ... PDF
03 December 2022


In the month in which the important festive days of the Immaculate Conception and Christmas fall, in Women Church World we talk about Mary, the mother of Jesus. We do so by hosting analyses, reflections, comments and proposals by women who for faith, study, historical-cultural interest, devotion - ... PDF