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The Newspaper

L’Osservatore Romano began with the daily newspaper. Founded in 1861, it has undergone a series of changes to meet the exigencies and expectations of each pontificate. The universal dimension of the Church, the encounter between faith and reason and the Church's approach to the men and women of today are the editorial lines followed by the Vatican paper. It is both for the purpose of documentation and commentary on all papal texts and documents of the Holy See in Italian as well as in the original languages in which they were spoken or written. Our aim is to provide complete and accurate information on international affairs and the cultural debates and events happening in the Church on every continent. Special attention is also paid to ecumenism and to interreligious dialogue. The daily edition is published six days a week (except for Monday). It can be found at any major kiosk in larger Italian cities or can be ordered by subscription.

The weekly edition in French

Founded in 1949, the French edition was intended to spread accurate information regarding the papal magisterium and the life of the Church. The weekly publishes the Encyclicals, Exhortations, Messages and Apostolic Letters and the Pope’s discourses and homilies in full. Further, it presents the documents of dicasteries within the Roman Curia and relevant reflections. Coverage of the Pope’s Apostolic Journeys are published as special issues. The French edition is printed on Thursday and distributed in 132 countries. It can be acquired by subscription only and is printed at the Vatican.

The weekly edition in English

Founded in 1968, it offers full coverage of papal discourses, documents of the Roman Curia, and other texts, commentaries and news relating to the Holy See. Coverage of papal trips is published as a special issue. The English edition is published on Friday and distributed by subscription in all the countries in the world. The is printed at the Vatican, in the United States and in India, where, since 2009, it is also translated and printed in Malayalam to serve the six million Catholics who live in the State of Kerala.

The weekly edition in Spanish

Founded in 1969, it is addressed to those who wish to receive news and documents concerning the Church’s life. It offers the full texts of Pope Francis’ discourses, documents of the Roman Curia and other texts and commentaries pertaining to the Holy See. It dedicates special issues to papal trips. The Spanish edition is published every Friday and sold by subscription to any country around the world. The Spanish edition is printed at the Vatican as well as in Argentina, Mexico and Peru.

The weekly edition in Italian

Founded in 1949, the weekly edition in Italian is dedicated mainly to those who wish to draw on sources of the Magisterium. In an easily manageable tabloid format it carries all the Pope’s discourses, activities of the Holy See in Rome and throughout the world with interviews, commentaries and reflections on relevant subjects, and a commentary on the Sunday liturgy. It devotes special issues to the Pope’s apostolic journeys. It is published on Thursday and distributed mainly by subscription.

The weekly edition in Portuguese

Founded in 1970, the Portuguese edition is published for those seeking to be informed about the life of the Church. This weekly covers the discourses of Pope Francis in their entirety, documents of the Roman Curia and other texts and commentaries pertaining to the Holy See. It publishes special editions dedicated to papal trips. This edition is published on Thursday and sold exclusively by subscription around the globe. The Portuguese edition is printed at the Vatican and, since 2006, in Brazil.

The weekly edition in German

Founded in 1971, it consists of two fascicles: one to provide information and the other for purposes of documentation. The former comprises the publication of news about the Holy See, the universal Church and the local Churches, as well as cultural pages and in-depth doctrinal and historical reflections. The latter is devoted to the activities of the Pontiff, all of whose discourses and interventions are translated and published. Since 1986 it has been printed in Germany by the publishing house Schwabenverlag which also is responsible for distribution and subscriptions.

The monthly edition in Polish

Founded in 1980 at the request of John Paul II, this monthly edition is dedicated to the latest activities of the Pope in Rome and around the world. It presents to its readers papal documents, discourses, accounts of his journeys, as well interventions of the Holy See and the Roman Curia. It is distributed in all the dioceses of the Church in Poland by the Polish Bishops’ Conference.