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xvi Sunday in Ordinary Time: 7 July

No Place Like Home

 No Place Like Home  ING-027
05 July 2024

This week Jesus returns to His hometown of Nazareth and is met with a less than enthusiastic reception. Despite all the miracles He has performed and the wisdom He has imparted, His hometown, those who have known Him since childhood, greet Him with skepticism and disbelief. Their familiarity with Jesus’ earthly life blinded them to His divine nature and their lack of faith made them unable to recognize Him as the Messiah, the son of God. This week’s Gospel illustrates the profound impact of faith — or the lack thereof — on our understanding and receptiveness to God’s work in our own lives.

St. Augustine once remarked that, “Faith opens the door to understanding; unbelief closes it.” These words encapsulate the core message that is being presented to us this week. The hometown crowd in Nazareth allowed their preconceived notions and unbelief to close the door to truly understanding Jesus’ mission and identity. Faith, by contrast, acts as the key that unlocks our hearts and minds to the mysteries of God and His divine plan for each of us.

Jesus’ limited ability to perform miracles in Nazareth is a direct consequence of the townspeople’s unbelief. His power was not diminished; it was the lack of faith that created a barrier that prevented the people from receiving the miracles He could perform. The rejection Jesus experiences in Nazareth serves as a reminder to all of us that faith is essential for experiencing the fullness of God’s grace in our lives. Faith challenges us to look beyond the ordinary and realize the extraordinary ways that God is present in our lives. With faith we become more receptive to Christ’s teachings, His presence, and more open to His transformative power in our lives. This narrative also demonstrates that God’s ability to act in our lives often requires our cooperation, our ability to believe, and our openness to the wonders He can work in us and through us.

Each of us has had moments of doubt and skepticism throughout our lives. How many times have we questioned God’s presence or His plans, especially when they don’t align with our expectations or our desires? Yet, the Gospel is clear — we are called to cultivate faith even when we are uncertain. Faith allows us to actively trust in God’s goodness and His ultimate plan for our lives. Without faith, we are like the people of Nazareth — unable to see the divine reality right before our eyes.

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves and those in our lives is to nurture and strengthen our faith through prayer, the sacraments, Scripture, and keeping our hearts open to God’s grace in our lives. This week let us put a special emphasis on praying for the grace to deepen our faith, especially in times of doubt and to remember the wisdom of St. Augustine and strive to keep the door of our hearts open to the understanding that comes from faith. May we see the ways in which God is working in our lives and embrace the love and wisdom that he offers us.

*  Executive Director
Maryland Catholic Conference

By Jenny Kraska*