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Signs of Hope from the Aquinas Institute in Princeton

‘Friendship’ and ‘Freedom’

 ‘Friendship’ and ‘Freedom’  ING-027
05 July 2024
The Aquinas Institute is the Catholic campus ministry that has served Princeton University since 1928. Today, the Institute has become a great sign of hope, not because of any human program it put on but because of how people in the community allow God to move in and through their lives. In the words of Joseph Silva, class of 2026, “The Institute functions as a host for the Holy Spirit.” Anyone who comes into contact with the Institute will be amazed by its culture of freedom and friendship. True to the profound insight of their patron saint, the Aquinas Institute knows that “charity is friendship” and realises an expression of the Church built on divine love by fostering friendships inspired and modelled by Christ’s friendship with us, lived out in the Eucharist. Friendship allows students to journey together through personal, ...

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