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Pope grants title of Blessed to Guy of Montpellier

24 May 2024

“The example of Guy of Montpellier, a man absolutely unique in his humble spiritual life, in obedience and service to the poor, has always attracted and inspired us. We believe, therefore, that the time has come for him to be presented in a special way to the Church of God, to which he continues to speak through his faith and works of mercy”.

With the Motu Proprio Fide Incensus, Pope Francis on Saturday, 18 May, granted “equipollent beatification” to the French religious Guy of Montpellier. With this Document, the Holy Father granted Orders, Congregations, and Communities inspired by the charism of Santo Spirito in Sassia the liturgical feast. The French religious was the founder of the Hospitallers of the Holy Spirit and the Confraternity of the Holy Spirit for the care, in particular, of poor and sick children. The Pope’s decision is the result of the “praiseworthy judgments” expressed by his predecessors about the “holiness of life” of Guy of Montpellier, as well as the “numerous requests constantly submitted by Cardinals, Bishops, religious, and especially by Orders, Congregations, and Institutes inspired by Guy’s Rule and life”.

Considering the “excellent merits” of the religious, the Pope has thus decided “for the good of souls” to grant this “special sign of grace.”

Guy of Montpellier, the Document states, is thus inscribed in the Book of Blessed: his memorial, with the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharistic Celebration is to be held on 7 February. This date will be an “obligatory memorial for Orders, Congregations and Institutions of Santo Spirit in Sassia, as well as institutes inspired by his charism.

In Fide Incensus, the Pope recounts the life and works of this man. Born in the second half of the 12th century in Montpellier to a wealthy family, Guy began serving the needy at a young age, founding a house-hospital for them in the outskirts of the French city. It was a work of mercy that, from the beginning, he entrusted to the Holy Spirit. He soon had many followers, inspired by his example, and thus, a community of religious and lay men and women was born.

Blessed Guy, writes Pope Francis in the Motu Proprio, aimed with his work to embrace the whole person, in soul and body, from the youngest to the oldest... The ideal of helping everyone was particularly realized in the care of abandoned newborns and unwanted children.