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‘Cross of Joy’ for World Children’s Day in Rome

 ‘Cross of Joy’  for World Children’s Day in Rome  ING-021
24 May 2024

Mimmo Paladino, one of the main exponents of the Transavanguardia movement, has made a 4-metre-tall cross, designed to adorn the first ever World Children’s Day. Known as “The Cross of Joy”, the work of art is decorated with images that represent both Christian culture and fairytales.

Paladino’s “Cross of Joy” will be unveiled at the Opening Ceremony of the two-day celebration, taking place in Rome on 25 and 26 May. Speaking about the event, Paladino said, “It’s a great honour for me to create the first ‘Cross of Joy’ in history”. He emphasised that the piece is especially for children, “as they are the true stars of this event” and that his decision to mix elements of Christian culture with fairytale motifs, is one “designed to spark both their imagination and ours”.

The Cross’ representation of the rich history of Christianity, along with the creativity of a child’s mind, is perfectly in line with the goal of World Children’s Day: to celebrate and inspire the innocence and creativity of children everywhere.