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Everyone’s brothers

The U.S. border wall is seen in the background as Victor, a 13 year old migrant from Venezuela, ...
17 May 2024
It’s dawn in El Paso, Texas, at the U.S.-Mexico border. Victor just woke up. He is only 13 years old, he arrived from Venezuela, but he doesn’t wake up in a colourful bedroom, to a good breakfast or even to a backpack ready for school. Around him is nothing but the barren land that runs along the Rio Grande. Barren land and barbed wire — the wire which separates Mexico from the “American dream” of the United States. Victor is a migrant, as is his brother Mathias, who is only two years old. Mathias too just woke up, with his thumb in his mouth and a lost expression in his eyes. His only comfort is a blanket and his older brother, who bends over him to protect him from the cold and from fear. Victor and Mathias are waiting for their mother to find a way to cross into the United States and start a new life. We don’t know how long they will ...

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