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The normalcy of being Church

 The normalcy of being Church  ING-016
19 April 2024
Two priests from the Rwandan Diocese of Nyundo carry out their pastoral service in the Italian Diocese of Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino, an additional two serve in the Diocese of Civitavecchia-Tarquinia. Two others carry out their pastoral service in the Diocese of Anagni-Alatri, Fano-Fossombrone-Cagli-Pergola and in the Archdiocese of Gorizia, respectively. “It is a beautiful sign, especially of the universality and the missionary aspect of the whole Church”, says Monsignor Anaclet Mwumvaneza in excellent Italian — the result of his studies at Rome’s Gregorian University where he obtained a Doctorate in Canon Law. He has served as Bishop of Nyundo for eight years but recently travelled to Italy to visit his priests. “They have integrated very well and they offer concrete help in many parishes, also because they arrive to Italy already as ...

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