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In an interview with Italian tg1 news programme Archbishop Gallagher calls for dialogue

Negotiations needed to stop wars

 Negotiations needed to stop wars  ING-013
28 March 2024
Archbishop Paul Richard Gallagher, Vatican Secretary for Relations with States and International Organizations, granted an interview to Italy’s State-run TV, the RAI’s TG1 news program, on Tuesday evening, 26 March. Among the topics discussed were the “terrible” attack in Moscow, the general instability in Europe and the world, and the insistence on “working for peace and trying to promote peace” in Ukraine through negotiation and with a defense that is not only with weapons but with agreements. The interview also touched on the risk of nuclear escalation. The Archbishop also discussed the Holy Land with hope in the “solution of two peoples, two states,” and highlighted his sorrow for the “catastrophic” situation in Gaza. He also spoke about Britain’s Princess Kate Middleton and mentioned Pope Francis’ health, whom he said appears ...

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