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Celebrating the achievements of ‘St Peter’s Online Theology’ students

A beacon of knowledge

 A beacon of knowledge  ING-011
15 March 2024

St. Peter’s Pontifical Institute in Bangalore (India) hosted the First Convocation Ceremony of spot (St. Peter’s Online Theology). This milestone marked a significant achievement in the realm of education and faith enrichment, showcasing the institute’s commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of Christian beliefs and principles.

spot , an online platform offering courses in Sacred Scripture and Theology, has quickly become a beacon of knowledge and empowerment for both laity and religious individuals seeking to deepen their faith. The ceremony celebrated the academic achievements of 516 students who had enrolled in spot for the Academic Year 2023-24. Among them, 364 students graduated from the Certificate Courses, which covered subjects such as Scripture, Missiology, and Canon Law. The impact of spot extends far beyond the confines of the institute, reaching individuals serving in remote villages who previously had limited access to such knowledge.

The certificate courses offered by spot not only raise awareness of the importance of Sacred Scripture and Theology but also empower individuals to serve their communities with greater understanding and compassion. spot ’s impact goes beyond academic enrichment; it fosters a deeper spiritual connection and a renewed commitment to the teachings of Christianity.