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At the origins of the Saint’s living voice

 At the origins of the Saint’s living voice  ING-047
24 November 2023
Among the writings of Francis of Assisi, the most universally known text is certainly the “Canticle of Brother Sun”, written shortly before the death of the Saint, whose eighth centenary will be celebrated in 2026. However, scholars are well aware that the reason for praise which embraces all creatures, Francis had already anticipated in some Latin Prayers, one of which is the Exhortation to Praise God. An unpublished version of this text has now emerged, much longer than the one already known and particularly ancient, dating back to the end of the 13th century. The discovery and its identification are due to Roberta Iannetti, PhD student in Palaeography at the University of Ferrara under the supervision of Sandro Bertelli. Now, the work of research and study also includes Federico Rossi and Anna Pegoretti from Roma Tre University and ...

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