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Holy Father’s appeal

War is a defeat! Every War is a defeat!

TOPSHOT - Palestinians evacuate the area following an Israeli airstrike on the Sousi mosque in Gaza ...
13 October 2023

Speaking after the Angelus prayer on Sunday, 8 October, the Holy Father said he is following “with apprehension and sorrow,” the latest news from Israel, “where violence has erupted even more ferociously, causing hundreds of deaths and injuries”. The following is a translation of the Pope’s appeal.

Dear brothers and sisters, I am following apprehensively and sorrowfully what is happening in Israel where violence has exploded yet more ferociously, causing hundreds of deaths and injured. I express my closeness to the families of the victims. I am praying for them and for all who are living hours of terror and anguish. May the attacks and weapons stop. Please! And may it be understood that terrorism and war do not lead to any resolutions, but only to the death and suffering of many innocent people. War is a defeat! Every war is a defeat. Let us pray that there be peace in Israel and in Palestine.