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Statement by the Holy See to the UN

For an immediate end to use of cluster munitions

 For an immediate end to use of cluster munitions  ING-037
15 September 2023

“The Holy See appeals to all parties to the conflict in Ukraine to put an immediate end to the use of cluster munitions and wishes to echo Pope Francis’ endless appeals to mobilize for peace in the war-torn Ukraine”. This was one of the main points in the declaration presented to the United Nations in Geneva, on Monday, 11 September, during the 11th Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

“The seeds of peace lie in sincere dialogue and the application of international law, including international humanitarian law”, the Holy See reiterated. Then came the invitation to all States Parties to adhere to the Convention, which was signed in 2008 and came into effect two years later, reminding States Parties that “the deadly legacy of cluster munitions represents a stinging defeat for the innocent people who suffer from the cruelty of conflict, as well as for the achievement of integral human development, and the preservation of stability and peace”.

The Holy See concluded its declaration by expressing its hope that the international community “may continue with even greater vigor on this noble path in the defense of human dignity and life, as well as for the realization of the common good of all people”.