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At the General Audience Pope Francis reflects on his Apostolic Journey to Mongolia

Among a small flock

 Among a small flock  ING-036
08 September 2023

At the General Audience in Saint Peter’s Square on Wednesday, 6 September, Pope Francis reflected on his Apostolic Journey to Mongolia, and his encounter with a young Church filled with apostolic zeal in the midst of a great and noble Asian people. Because God so often makes his presence known in small and quiet ways, the Pope was pleased that, for a few days, Mongolia’s Catholic community, founded by missionaries just 30 years ago, was at the centre of the Church’s attention. In a country with a great Buddhist tradition, he acknowledged the quiet cultivation of goodness by so many of its followers, and he encouraged the growth of dialogue, mutual understanding and fraternity. Giving thanks for those days spent in the heart of Asia, beneath the vastness of God’s sky, he prays that all peoples will grow in wisdom, respect for diversity and commitment to working together in building a shared future for our world.

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