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President Khürelsükh’s greeting to the Holy Father

A historic visit

 A historic visit  ING-036
08 September 2023

A historic visit. That’s how President Ukhnaagiin Khürelsükh of Mongolia described Pope Francis’ presence in “the land of the eternal blue sky, the sacred heart of the Mongolian Empire, birthplace of Genghis Khan, man of the millennium”, during their meeting on Saturday morning, 2 September, in the State Palace in Ulaanbaatar. The historic day also coincided with 860 years since Genghis Khan’s birth and 31 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the Holy See.

The President explained how the relations between the two States were strengthened over the centuries through the exchange of letters and envoys sent by the Pontiffs to the Mongolian sovereigns. He also noted that the two countries continue to collaborate in areas of culture, education and science.

The President highlighted that Genghis Khan and his successors established the Pax Mongolica, uniting all the tribes and putting an end to centuries-long conflicts, thus setting the stage for the “peaceful and harmonious coexistence among the nations and peoples of Asia and Europe”. World-renowned scholars and international organizations recognize “Mongolians’ significant contribution to world history and the inestimable patrimony inherited by humanity: the Pax Mongolica brought many nations to mutually respect and love their own values and identity; it fostered the peaceful coexistence of every civilization; it allowed the postal system, transportation, diplomatic relations, the economy and commerce, science, culture, religious tolerance and consolidated principles of legality, to flourish.

The State’s principles of respect, prosperity, peace and harmony were passed down over the course of many centuries, and Mongolia remains “committed to the maintenance and strengthening of peace and global and regional security, and it pursues a peace-loving, open and independent approach, as well as a multilateral foreign policy”.

In order to contribute “peacefully to the efforts of the international community to face the challenges to regional and global security”, President Khürelsükh assured, Mongolia “enthusiastically offers its initiatives and is actively involved with its immediate neighbours and with ‘third’ countries”.