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‘Can one evangelise via social media without disguising as an influencer?’

Christian testimony in contemporary society

 Christian testimony  in contemporary society  ING-035
01 September 2023
“On social networks, people want to follow a priest who remains a priest. Not a priest who becomes a showman, or a clown. To each their own role. Our guiding principle is to act for the goodness of the message and not for the maximum effectiveness of media exposure”. To affirm this was Father Jean-Baptiste Bienvenu, who was ordained in France in 2016 at the Emmanuel community. Today he also coordinates Father Blog, a well-known video platform (padreblog.fr, under the subtitle “Connected to what is essential”), consulted mainly through social networks. It has been one of the most followed realities of French-speaking digital evangelization for over a decade. With its comments and dialogues, often with a slight note of humour, it never loses sight of the context of current events. Also credited to the priest is a “practical and spiritual ...

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