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Without any discrimination

 Senza nessuna discriminazione  DCM-009
30 September 2023

I dream of a Church where every baptized member feels a sense of belonging and perceives baptismal equality as a child of God. A Church in whose life and mission all its members have the opportunity to participate. A Church in which spaces are created in which to share joys and difficulties in living out one’s faith. I would like a Church where the lay faithful are not seen merely as recipients of spiritual goods, but as responsible and committed members for the good of the whole community. 

I dream of a Church where discrimination based on race, nationality, social class, caste, culture, and sexual orientation is not practiced at any level. A Church where the dignity of every person is respected. I dream of a Church where every baptized person has the opportunity to receive training in the faith, as well as a deeper knowledge of the Bible. A Church where married couples, mothers, widows, young and old are accompanied on a regular basis.

I dream of a Church where women are recognised as equal members and where they are given more important roles to participate in the life of the Church. I dream of a Church where more women are trained to be spiritual leaders, preachers on retreats, trainers in seminaries and Christian community leaders, and where they have the opportunity to serve the community in these capacities.

I dream of a Church where authority is exercised not as domination and control, but as service to the community. I dream of a Church where the process of making choices and decisions is done through the practice of individual and community discernment and consensus.

I dream of a Church where every member is invited to have a spiritual companion, especially Christian community leaders. I dream of a Church where the spiritual growth of the members takes precedence over institutional frameworks. I dream of a Church where Mass stipends do not exist and where money for various needs is not collected during the celebration of the Eucharist.

By Shalini Mulackal
PBVM, former Professor of Systematic Theology, Vidyajyoti College of Theology, New Delhi, India