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That she has a woman’s name

 Che abbia nome  DCM-009
30 September 2023

 “The Church of my heart is the invisible Church that rises to the stars formed by those who seek the truth” (Sister Mary of Campello, 1932). An Anna church that knows how to proclaim the dream God has dreamed, freed from the shadow of death and the scaffolding of patriarchal structures. An Elizabeth church that knows how to recognise the beauty of the unseen and to grasp the shoots of life and hope at every age. 

A Martha church that, immersed in the popular reading of Scripture, knows how to transmit the Love of the Word and confess faith in the Risen One. A Samaritan church that, drawing from the good water of the well of every free relationship, knows how to take upon itself the infirmities of wounded and abandoned humanity.

A Magdalene church that, feeling much loved, knows how to anoint the present with the oil of political love and joyfully proclaim the good news of Jesus.

A Phoebe church that knows how to enliven liturgies and celebrations by drawing on the practices that have flourished -ecumenical, Jewish Christian, interreligious- among women around the world. A Priscilla church that knows how to offer, even in the training of clergy, an education that is neither misogynist nor homophobic, while also promoting knowledge of women’s thought, actions and history. A Lydia church that knows how to substitute the house for the pyramid (even if inverted, one side is always underneath!), because only around the table set in friendship by all and every one of all ages, can an all-ministerial and synodal church flourish. A Junia church that knows how to welcome the prophecy of the churches around the world, while encouraging new ministries and new places where a different path that is full of affection, encouragement, forgiveness, bread and life “broken” without exclusions is possible. A Mary Church that continues to bring into the world a world “where we are all brothers (and sisters!). Where there is room for every one discarded in our societies, where justice and peace shine. (Brothers All, 269).

By Grazia Villa
Human Rights Advocate, Grassroots Community Women’s Groups and the many others