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The hope of a missionary sister awaiting the Pope in Mongolia

How much flavour in a grain of salt

 How much flavour  in a grain of salt  ING-034
25 August 2023
Sister Maria Esperanza Becerra, a Consolata Missionary from Colombia, will be among those waiting for Pope Francis in Ulaanbaatar. She has been in the capital of Mongolia for a decade, and she never would have imagined that she would be present for the first-ever visit of a Pontiff in this East Asian country. It’s a historic journey, as this religious sister with the sweet smile and limpid eyes well knows. Pope Francis, from 31 August to 4 September, will find himself before a nation that for more than 30 years has turned its back on the hardships of communism and undergone a journey of democracy, with difficulty but without regrets. And he will be able to experience firsthand the vigorous growth of the Church which began to sprout precisely 30 years ago. A little over 1,500 Catholic faithful out of the nearly 3.5 million inhabitants, a ...

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