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01 July 2023

Recurrences and celebrations

The feasts of Saints Elizabeth of Portugal (4), Maria Goretti (6), Veronica Giuliani (9), Rufina and Second, Victoria and Anatolia, (10), Marcellina, Hedwig of Poland (17) Macrina the Younger (19), Mary Magdalene (22), Bridget of Sweden (23), Christina of Bolsena, Cunegonda of Hungary (24), Anna (26), Martha (29), among others, occur in July. On the 16th is the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel.

General Chapters of the Sisters

July 3 Oblates of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Trevi nel Lazio, Italy

July 3 Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata in Rome, Italy

July 4 Missionaries of Our Lady of the Angels in Sherbrooke, Canada

July 6 Mothers of the Abandoned and St. Joseph of the Mountain in Valle de Abdalajís, Málaga, Spain

July 6 Claretian Missionaries in Rocca di Papa, Italy

July 7 Franciscan Elizabethan Tertiaries of Padua in Villa S. Carlo, Costabissara - Vicenza, Italy

July 8 Teachers of St. Dorothy, Daughters of the Sacred Hearts in Vicenza, Italy

July 10 Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda, Rome, Italy

July 10 Sisters of the Holy Cross, Canada

July 12 La Xavière- Missionaries of Jesus Christ in La Pourraque, France

July 14 Poor Clare Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament in Pamplona, Spain

July 15 Franciscan sisters in Bonlanden, Germany

July 15 Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary

July 16 Carmelites of Charity of Vedruna in Vic (Barcelona), Spain

July 16 Augustinian Missionaries Recollette, in Monteagudo - Navarre, Spain.

Edited by Valeria Pendenza