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In Nigeria the Jihadist group that has killed tens of thousands and displaced millions of people

The two faces of Boko Haram

 The two faces of Boko Haram  ING-026
30 June 2023
The northeastern part of Nigeria continues to be a true and proper battlefield, where the most extreme kind of jihadism sows death and destruction. The people responsible for such atrocities are the subversive cells that are traditionally affiliated with Boko Haram. It is a movement that operates especially in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states, where it perpetrates violence against anyone who opposes its delusion of omnipotence: civilians and members of the military, Muslims and Christians. Since its rise in 2009, the Boko Haram insurgence has caused the displacement of more than two million people and the death of over 30,000 people. Many, many violations of human rights were also perpetrated by these Islamists in Nigerian States located farther south, including suicide attempts; massacres; the setting alight of entire villages; attacks ...

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