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Caring for People and Our Planet

Sisters in Dialogue (and in action)

 Sisters in Dialogue (and in action)   ING-021
26 May 2023
Biodiversity enables humans to live well, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. It is the pillar that supports all systems of life. Today we appear to be alive, but in fact we are partly dead: Mother Earth is struggling because of the injuries inflicted upon her by human greed and by our lack of care. May the all-loving and all-seeing, who knows the intentions and actions of each one of us, empower us with a clear vision to make the outcomes of cop15 a reality for those most affected by the consequences of biodiversity loss. The Global Biodiversity Framework cop 15 — the 15th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, which took place in Montreal, Canada in December 2022 — was a crucial moment in advancing the protection and restoration of our planet’s biodiversity. This conference ...

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