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Archbishop of Westminster on upcoming ceremony

Coronation of King Charles III

 Coronation of King Charles III  ING-018
05 May 2023
The opening words of the Coronation of King Charles iii on Saturday 6 May, in Westminster Abbey, are most revealing. A chorister speaks first, saying: ‘Your Majesty, as children of the Kingdom of God we welcome you in the name of the King of Kings’ and King Charles replies: ‘In his name, and after his example, I come not to be served but to serve.’ The ceremony that then follows is profoundly Christian in every sentiment and action, combining history with innovation, action with word, music with silent prayer. I am told that in the archives of Lambeth Palace there are records of the coronations of kings and queens reaching back to the eleventh century. There are four consistent elements to these coronations: the anointing of the monarch, the crowning, the giving of the sword of justice and the reception of Communion. All these ...

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