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The bubble

28 April 2023

You live in a bubble. If someone approaches, you are afraid. Of losing what? You are born in a family bubble that protects you and you continue for the rest of your life to build or seek bubbles. Untouchable spaces where access is allowed to few.

We see you so fragile, so helpless. Who are we?

We are the ones you consider to be the last, but with so much desire to enter the bubble you have built for your protection. We live the difficulties of life, we try to overcome problems with various strategies, and we do not have a bubble.

Our life is total existence! And how do you see us?

In your looks we see indifference, but we are open to you. We try to greet you, but you often do not respond and look at us disgusted at how we live, homeless, and all we own is on our backs. We sleep wherever we like. We live free, but to you, often we frighten you and you chase us away, away from your bubble.

Do not confuse us with those who try to exploit you! We are beyond that. We have the need to give! Receiving is fine, but as an exchange.