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The Bosco Boys Home in Nigeria

A safe refuge for street kids

 A safe refuge for street kids  ING-016
21 April 2023
Bosco Boys Home is a reference point for vulnerable street kids in Ibadan, Nigeria, who want to change their life. The programme allows minors to resume their studies, learn a trade and, if possible, return to their families of origin. When the Salesians arrived in the African country, in 1982, they quickly realized that the phenomenon of children and young people living on the streets was widespread. Today, there are still many who wander the streets of Nigeria’s big cities in search of a bite to eat or an occasional job. There are also those who are forced to steal for a meal. Adeyi is a 14-year-old boy who used to lived in Ogbomoso, in southwestern Nigeria. He lost his mother when he was very young and grew up in his uncle’s house, where he suffered all kinds of abuse. This terrible situation, recounted in an Infoans agency report, ...

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