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Chief Rabbi of Rome

Riccardo Di Segni

 Riccardo Di Segni  ING-011
17 March 2023

We have reached ten years in the Pontificate of Pope Francis. The number 10 is an important, symbolic one. It is the basis of our number system, our hands have ten fingers. However, for a Bible scholar, “10” recalls the Ten Commandments. It also recalls the ten fundamental words with which the world was created. According to Moses, there were also ten rebellions by the people of Israel during their time in the desert. Thus, “10” in biblical terms, recalls the foundation of behaviours, and also sometimes, the desire to destroy these foundations.

Here we have a significant date to celebrate. My wish for Pope Francis is that he may continue to have a lot of health, a lot of strength and, above all, that he will have wisdom and continue to lead his community with the strength and the wisdom he has had until now. And also, that he keep this special relationship of friendship that he wished to have with Jewish people.