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A survivor of the Shoah speaks about the fragility of men on IWD

‘Dear men, you are weak’

10 March 2023
Dear men, I know that today is Women’s Day. The poor mimosa trees are hacked down and their bright yellow velvet beaded sprigs are given to women. However, these soon fade, turn brown, and die like the women in considerable parts of the world who are murdered, tortured, imprisoned, and caged in the name of religion, love and the culture that denies them freedom. We Western women, of different cultures, of different faiths, cannot but admire these lionesses who seek to free themselves from Sharia, and break the cage in which they were born and held by weak men who are afraid of free women. These men know of their strength, their value, their imagination, their self-determination, and their courage. The weakness of men triggers the violence, the rape, the murder of those who leave you. Not love. Whatever pain befalls you or when you feel ...

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