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The eyes of Musa and Misha

 Gli occhi di Musa e di Misha  QUO-036
17 February 2023
Musa is a 6-year-old Syrian boy. He was pulled out from under the rubble of the building in which he lived in Jandaris, in the rebel-controlled part of the province of Aleppo. He was rescued four days after the devastating earthquake. I continue to look at a picture of him, circulated by one of the agencies that have been broadcasting unsettling images of this immense tragedy, from the very beginning. A bandage covers his injured head from the forehead up. In reality, his right hand is also bandaged, and his face bears other signs of the disaster he survived thanks to rescuers’ tireless efforts. But it is his eyes that capture my attention. I wonder what those eyes have seen in six years, that is, in his entire life. Probably only destruction and death. Of course Musa must have been loved by his parents and relatives, he must have played ...

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