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Australia-Holy See 50th anniversary of Diplomatic Relations

‘Making Milestones, Forging a Better Future’

 ‘Making Milestones, Forging a Better Future’  ING-005
03 February 2023
In 2023, marks 50 years of the establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Australia and the Holy See. The Australian Embassy to the Holy See has organized several initiatives to mark this important event. “In Australia, it is normal practice to pay respect to elders past, present and emerging, acknowledging and celebrating their culture”, said Australian Ambassador to the Holy See Ms Chiara Porro during her welcome speech at the launch of the anniversary year which took place at the Oratorio del Gonfalone (Oratory of the Banner). Acknowledging the history and beauty of the Oratory, nothing can prepare you for the exuberant beauty that embraces you as you walk inside the Oratory, and are overwhelmed by its 16th-century interior. With walls enriched by a series of frescoes depicting “Stories of the Passion of Christ” by prominent ...

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