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In memory of a lay missionary

 In memoria di un missionario laico   DCM-002
04 February 2023

God is in those people who suffer, God is there. That is why you cannot see him. He is there, in every single person, in every family, in every child, in every young person at risk. So many young people are at risk. He is in every person, even in every part of the world. In every immigrant, God is there. In every elderly person left alone, in every sick person, in every disabled person, in every blind person, in every autistic person. In all of them. God is there. Then if we take care of them, if we take charge of them, then surely we will discover God. Because someone wants to understand where God is, but he is there. He is here, and He is among us.

Biagio Conte
 (Tv2000 /Siamo noi, 2018)

In memory of a lay missionary
Brother Biagio Conte who died on January 12, in Palermo. He was 59 years old. At 26 he said goodbye to his family and the comforts of a wealthy life and chose to become a Franciscan. Since that time he gave himself to the lowly, for whom he also fought for through protests and fasting. In 1991, he founded the Mission of Hope and Charity.  Pope Francis commented, that he consoled the poor in whom he saw the face of Jesus. In the photo Brother Biagio with the Pontiff, Palermo 2018. (©Vatican Media)