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Reflections for International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The Question

 The Question  ING-004
27 January 2023
The Jewish people remember the Shoah many times during the year. Each occasion provides an opportunity to consider a particular aspect of this unspeakable tragedy. Thus, on Yom HaShoah, which occurs a few days after the festival of Pesach, the heroism of those who fought against their Nazi oppressors is emphasized. The date falls near the start of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising on the eve of Pesach in 1943. Asarah BeTevet, which falls in December or January, is the fast day established 2610 years ago to remember the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem, which ended with the destruction of the city and its temple by Babylonian troops led by Nebuchadnezzar. Many Jews today regard the Shoah as the destruction of a third, spiritual Temple of Jerusalem, one consisting of the six million Jews wiped out by the Nazi genocide. Jews who do not know the ...

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