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Christians with one voice

 Christians with one voice  ING-003
20 January 2023
O n 1 January, the South African Presbyterian Reverend Jerry Pillay took up the post of Secretary General of the World Council of Churches ( wcc ). With a long experience, Pillay is called to lead the wcc at a time when the dimension of walking and living together seems to be even more central for Christians, called to bear witness to unity in a divided world, as was also evident at the last General Assembly of the wcc in Karlsruhe. We asked him some questions. Reverend Pillay, you have been involved, often with roles of responsibility, in a plurality of ecumenical bodies, showing how important, I would say fundamental, for the life of the Church, the ecumenical journey is. Where does your vocation for unity come from? I could say that ecumenism is in my dna : I grew up in South Africa, in a context characterized by the ...

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