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Front Cover

Street photography
as a social document

 La fotografia di strada documento sociale  DCM-001
07 January 2023

The cover image of this month’s issue is a detail of a photo (opposite, from Wikimedia Commons) taken on a street. In it, we see nuns among people, in the city, in everyday life. This type of photograph is what is referred to as street photography, a photographic genre that aims to capture subjects -and not necessarily particular people-, in real and spontaneous situations in public places to represent aspects of society in everyday life.  They are also social documents, they tell a story about people and places, and they bear witness to moments of existence, and sometimes help us discover new things.

Serial profiles and communities such as @suoragram_ and #suoragram are very popular on social networks. Here, we can find collections of photos of religious women taken in public gardens, travelling, on trams, on bicycles, visiting monuments, shopping in supermarkets, buying shoes, cleaning a churchyard, attending papal audiences at St Peter’s, working in the fields, resting by the sea, and praying. These represent a thematic catalogue that could become an archive.