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To kids and volunteers with the ‘Santa Marta’ Pediatric Dispensary

We must not forget the children of Ukraine

 We must not forget  the children of Ukraine  ING-051
23 December 2022

With Christmas approaching, Pope Francis recalls the many children of Ukraine who will be unable to celebrate the birth of Christ in peace and security. Meeting with the children assisted by the Vatican’s “Santa Marta” Pediatric Dispensary on Sunday, 18 December, as well as their parents and volunteer staff, the Pope urged everyone to pray for peace in Ukraine. The following is a translation of the Holy Father’s words.

I thank you so much. I thank each and every one of you so much, for your presence here, for this day of joy that prepares us for Christmas.

We must not forget the children of Ukraine, and you certainly do not forget them! [pointing to a sign] There it says “Peace”, and there is the flag of Ukraine. So many children are suffering because of the war, and in other parts of the world they also suffer from injustice.

If the Lord gives us this joy to celebrate Christmas like this, all together, in peace, let us also think of those who suffer and let us pray together for them.

And now thank you very much! And if you want the circus can begin, no problem. Thank you!