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How can we help? Welcoming refugees

Making room for Jesus in the inn of our hearts

23 December 2022
In view of the many refugees who continue to risk their lives crossing the Aegean sea to find a place to rest their weary heads, to find safety and security from the dangers and difficulties they often flee. Then, as often now, there is no room at the inn. No welcome, no hospitality, very little concern for the weary traveler. Why is that? Is it that our hearts and minds are overflowing with all the necessities of life? Has the technological age that we live in, filled with computers and cell phones, taken over our basic human compassion and empathy towards the weary traveler? Are we just so busy we cannot see the plight of our sisters or brothers in need? Since 2015, the Franciscan community in Rhodes and Kos has taken care of literally tens of thousands of refugees. They continue to arrive every day, risking their lives, risking the ...

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