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At the General Audience the Holy Father recalls the suffering of the Ukrainian people

For an end to all conflicts

Local residents stand near their building destroyed by a Russian missile attack, as Russia's attack ...
25 November 2022

At the General Audience on Wednesday, 23 November, Pope Francis expressed his spiritual closeness to victims of the earthquake that shook the island of Java in Indonesia on Monday, 21 November. Remembering all people affected by war and conflict, he also prayed that the Football World Cup in Qatar may be “an occasion for encounter and harmony among nations, fostering fraternity and peace among peoples”. Earlier, during the General Audience, the Holy Father spoke about the experience of spiritual “consolation”, that sense of deep inner joy that brings peace. The following is a translation of the Pope’s words.

In the past few hours, the island of Java in Indonesia was hit by a strong earthquake. I express my nearness to those dear peoples and I pray for the dead and the injured.

Last Sunday, Father Giuseppe (Joseph) Ambrosoli, Comboni missionary, priest and physician was beatified in Kalongo, Uganda. He was born in the Diocese of Como, [Italy] and died in Uganda in 1987, after spending his life for the sick in whom he saw Christ’s face. May his extraordinary witness help each of us to be worthy of a Church that “goes forth”. A round of applause for the new Blessed!

I would like to send my greetings to the athletes, fans and spectators who, from various continents, are following the Football World Cup being played in Qatar. May this important event be an occasion for encounter and harmony among nations, fostering fraternity and peace among peoples. Let us pray for peace in the world, and for an end to all conflicts, with a special thought for the terrible suffering of the dear and martyred people of Ukraine. With regards to this, next Saturday is the anniversary of the terrible Holodomor genocide, the extermination by hunger artificially caused by Stalin in 1932-33. Let us pray for the victims of this genocide and let us pray for the many Ukrainian children, women and elderly, and babies who are today suffering the martyrdom of aggression.

May World Fisheries Day, which was celebrated the day before yesterday, foster the sustainability of fishing and aquaculture, through respect for the rights of fishers, who through their work contribute to food security, nutrition and to reducing poverty in the world.

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