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Poetic verses by a young photographer

 Versi di una giovane fotografa  DCM-010
05 November 2022

The cover image is a photo taken by Stefania Casellato. It captures Sister Veronica Maria Fittante of the Little Brothers and Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary during a TV broadcast a few years ago. There is a sharp, attentive, even intrigued look on both sides, where the eyes of the photographed woman almost question those of the photographer, and vice versa. Casellato (here opposite in Matteo Oi’s photo) is a young Roman professional who, after graduating in Literature Music and Performing Arts at La Sapienza University in Rome, studied at the CSF Adams-Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia school in Rome and attended workshops with Gianni Berengo Gardin at the J.M.Cameron Academy of Photography in Benevento, with Cristopher Padgett in Boston - Advanced Techniques workshop and with Paolo Soriani in Rome and Bordeaux. She is a photographer who does not work with the lens before her eyes because she looks at the person in front of her, she feels her subject. The young photographer follows the advice given to her by a giant of photography who recently passed away, Letizia Battaglia, when she was photographing her, stating “don’t be afraid, shoot!”, because being a photojournalist too she knows that if you miss the moment you miss the news. Yet she meditates on her photos, and mediates them with the thousands of poems she reads. The verse to go towards, to give a verse. A good balance.