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An ear of wheat in the snow

Migrants walk toward a camp on the Turkish side of the Turkey-Greece border near the Pazarkule ...
28 October 2022
We should talk about the 92, about the 92 people, because we are dealing with human beings, who were found on 14 October on the border between Turkey and Greece. The 92 men, all of them alive, were found naked, some with visible wounds, after crossing the Evros River, a natural border between the two countries. According to Greek authorities, they had suffered serious abuse and had been subjected to humiliating treatment. We should talk about them. We should pause in our work of providing continuous news and make room for these people on our pages. Actually, we should not talk about the 92, but of each one of them. They are men from Afghanistan and Syria, but we do not know anything else about them, aside from what their injuries and nakedness tell us. They are like “living shrouds”. Who are they really? Firstly, what are their names? ...

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