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A survivor and an activist offer testimonials on human trafficking

Am I my brother’s keeper?

 Am I my brother’s keeper?  ING-043
28 October 2022
“I come from Africa, from Nigeria. I arrived in Libya when I was 23 and I stayed there for six years. I thought I would never get out of that prison”, said Esther Iweze Adaeze, a trafficking survivor, as she shared her experience from imprisonment to rebirth thanks to Humanitarian Corridors. “When I left my country I had the only goal of saving myself”, she said, noting that there was no legal way to leave and that she therefore had to pay an acquaintance to take her to Libya. However, once she arrived there, she was held in Sabha prison where she began to understand that she was in danger. For six years, she suffered violence and abuse along with other prisoners. She was kidnapped and taken to a detention centre in Tripoli, placed in an overcrowded cell that had no windows and was fed minimally, often with only a piece of bread and some ...

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