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Interview with Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network

We hope in the strength of youth for cop 27

Climate change activists participate in an environmental demonstration as part of a global youth-led ...
21 October 2022
From 6 to 18 November, in the Egyptian natural paradise of Sharm El-Sheikh, the United Nations, for the 27th time, will negotiate a global climate policy, with the aim of combating climate change, which is at the heart of an unprecedented planetary socio-environmental crisis. The hope of global public opinion for the success of COP27 has already been severely crushed by some very negative signs, which make one realise how complex it is for these world conferences to put the future and the quality of life of all humanity first. Indeed, it is hard to believe in the genuineness of COP when it is sponsored by a multinational corporation that puts more single-use plastic on the market than any other! Just as it is hard to believe that 193 countries can sign binding agreements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when influential countries ...

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