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Translation of the Old Testament into Eritrea’s Bilen language

God speaks my language

  God speaks my language  ING-042
21 October 2022
“The moment God begins to be heard in the language of your mother tongue, the first thing that clicks is that God speaks my language”, says Dr Misheck Nyirenda, a Global Translation Advisor who is cooperating on a project to assist Bilen speakers of Eritrea to translate the Old Testament Bible. Dr Nyirenda, who works with the United Bible Societies, explained that the ongoing project, — which began almost six years ago — was initiated by the Bible Society in Eritrea, it realized they needed expertise and requested the assistance of the United Bible Societies, an inter-confessional fellowship active in over 240 countries to ensure “that everyone who wants to can access and engage with the Bible”. Although he is not a Bilen speaker himself, he explained that the United Bible Societies had developed a software called Paratext, that ...

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