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The 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time: 9 October

Jesus cleanses ten lepers

 Jesus cleanses ten lepers  ING-040
07 October 2022
On the way to Jerusalem: several times in Luke’s Gospel, we meet phrases like this. They are not merely circumstantial details to make the narrative more vivid. For Luke, the ministry of Jesus is conducted in the context of the great journey to his destiny. Each of us, willy-nilly, is on the road, measured in weeks and years rather than miles and kilometres. How is your journey going? Today’s Gospel is the uniquely Lucan healing of the ten lepers. Jesus, on the move as always, is met by a strange little group, isolated and inspiring fear. It is an exclusive community though not of its own volition: the condition for membership is incurable and infectious disease. However, it is more inclusive than the broader society within which it forms an island of suffering, because it apparently has no hang-ups about ethnic or religious ...

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