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The courage to see

03 September 2022

 Tabor, by Giulio Michelini. Terra Santa editions

In the heart of summer, the mystery of the Transfiguration has always nourished my spirit with the light of transcendence and tension towards the depths of the mystery of God. That is why I was drawn immediately to the publication of the book by Father Giulio Michelini, ofm, an expert biblical scholar, on the mystery of Tabor. As he himself says in the introduction, it is a book for everyone, both for those who seek exegetical depth and also for those who are not scholars. The simplicity of the exposition, while saying very important things, is only due to the masters who, after close textual investigations, allow answers and further questions to emerge in the face of such a great mystery. The author compares the three synoptic gospels, as well as the second letter of Peter, broadening his gaze to texts of the 2nd century tradition such as the Apocalypse of Peter and the Acts of Peter without disdaining fleeting mention of Francis of Assisi. The two biblical characters, who appear alongside Jesus during the mystery of the Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah, also experienced God on a mountain, before great trials. They are there not only to represent the Law but also to console Jesus as he faces his exodus, the journey to Jerusalem.