· Vatican City ·

Welcoming address to His Holiness

29 July 2022

Dear Holy Father, with great joy we welcome you wholeheartedly to Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples. Thank you so much for sacrificing your usual time of summer rest to come to Canada and draw near to the Indigenous Peoples of this land.

For many years this parish has been a sacred place of encounter, dialogue, reconciliation, and service. We feel deeply honoured to welcome you here, and receive your blessing upon the many ministries that are offered here for the people of God who come to us.

Your Holiness, we wish to be one with you on the pilgrimage of healing, reconciliation and hope. We desire to walk together with you and go to the places that ache for the healing that Jesus brings.

May our encounter today give us all new strength to walk together with Christ towards that kingdom where all are one. Thank you very much for coming to our beloved church, sharing your presence and message, and bestowing your blessing upon us. Be assured, Holy Father, of our continued prayers for you and for the ministry of Chief Shepherd you exercise for the sake of the Church.

*Pastor of Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples

By Fr Susai Jesu, omi*