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The Vatican presents the 2025 Jubilee Year logo

Pilgrims of hope

 Pilgrims of hope  ING-026
01 July 2022

At a press conference on Tuesday, 28 June, Archbishop Rino Fisichella presented the Vatican’s official logo for the 2025 Jubilee Year.

The logo shows four stylised figures representing all of humanity from the four corners of the earth. The different-coloured figures are embracing each other, indicating the need for solidarity, brotherhood and unity. The first figure is holding on to a cross, which elongates into an anchor, often used as a symbol of hope. The choppy waves beneath the four figures act as a reminder that the pilgrimage of life is not always calm.

The winning logo was designed by Giacomo Travisani, who said at the press conference that one of his goals when working on it was to personify hope, which he decided to do with the cross. He also explained the meaning behind the different colours: red for love, action and sharing; yellow-orange for human warmth; green for peace and balance; blue for security and protection; and the black-gray of the cross-anchor for authority.

The logo also includes the official motto of the 2025 Jubilee: Peregrinantes in spem, or, Pilgrims of hope.