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Missionary Sending of Families

 Missionary Sending of Families  ING-026
01 July 2022

Dear families,

I invite you to continue your journey

by listening to the Father who calls you:

become missionaries along the pathways of the world!

Do not walk alone!

You, young families, let yourselves be guided by those who know the way;

you who are further along, be companions on the journey for others.

You who are lost because of difficulties,

do not be overcome by sadness,

rather, trust in the Love that God has placed in your hearts,

and ask the Holy Spirit every day to revive it.

Announce with joy the beauty of being a family!

Announce to children and young people the grace of Christian marriage.

Give hope to the hopeless.

Act as if everything depends on you,

with the knowledge that everything must be entrusted to God.

Let it be you who “sew” the fabric of society and of a synodal Church,

creating relationships, multiplying love and life.

Be a sign of the living Christ.

Do not be afraid of what the Lord asks of you

nor be afraid to be generous with Him.

Open yourselves to Christ, listen to Him in the silence of prayer.

Accompany those who are most fragile.

Take care of those who are alone, have taken refuge and are abandoned.

May you sow the seed of a more fraternal world!

May you be families with big hearts!

May you be the welcoming face of the Church!

And please pray, always pray!

May Mary, our Mother, come to your aid when there is no more wine,

be your companion in the time of silence and trial,

help you walk together with her Risen Son.