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400th Anniversary of the Foundation of Propaganda Fide

Mons. Francis Ingoli, First Secretary

 Mons. Francis Ingoli, First Secretary   ING-025
24 June 2022
Francis Ingoli was born on 21 November 1578 in Ravenna. He studied Civil Law and Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Padua. On May 27, 1601, he obtained the title of Doctor ‘Utriusque iuris’ and started teaching Law in Ravenna1. Ingoli also excelled in Astronomy and Cosmography and knew Latin, French, Spanish, Greek and Arabic. Cardinal Boniface Caetani, Papal Legate in Bologna, appointed him as his auditor. From Caetani, who influenced his character and spirituality profoundly, Ingoli learned to adopt a systematic capacity for work and the art of expediting the works entrusted to him. All the matters referred to him were executed with rapidity. In his work place there was always order and discipline. During this time, he came into contact with the Theatines in Ravenna. When Cardinal Alexander Ludovisi became Pope Gregory XV on ...

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