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Lebanese athlete and climate activist Michael Haddad reaches the North Pole

Planting seeds of hope in the Arctic

 Planting seeds of hope in the Arctic  ING-024
17 June 2022
A package containing seeds from 12 Arab countries and a book by Pope Francis, entitled, Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?, published by LEV (Vatican Publishing House), and released in a special miniature edition to mark the occasion, by the Dicastery for Communication. This is the precious treasure chest that was recently brought to the Arctic by Michael Haddad, a young Lebanese man who has been paralysed since the age of six due to a spinal cord injury. The young man, who is able to move thanks to an exoskeleton, is the ambassador of an initiative that has the aim of sensitising public opinion on the theme of food security and the dramatic consequences linked to climate change: Arctic Walk for Climate Resilience and Food Security, a walk among the melting ice. A walk to give the world a seed of hope, to bring simple but ...

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