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In New Zealand, the “Crossroads Prison Ministries” formation program

Connecting beyond prison walls

  Connecting beyond  prison walls  ING-022
03 June 2022
Crossroads. Crossings, intersections of paths, feelings and passions where the sole right of way belongs to those who want to return to living. Where? In the place where freedom is a mirage and where it will take time to gain it back because mistakes were made: prison. We are in New Zealand, and here a group of volunteers, under the banner of Crossroads Prison Ministries, is active in 17 out of the 18 prisons in the very New world. The goal of the Ministries, which began in 2006, is to form the inmates, focusing on the Old and New Testament. At the end of 2018 there were 9,782 detainees in New Zealand, 700 of whom were enrolled in the course, that is, 7% of the prison population. But the figures are partial because the number of pupils grows at an average rate of 35-40 per month. More than 100 volunteer mentors offer their assistance to ...

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