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Readings of Rosa Lupoli

The story of a mystery:
the human being

 Il racconto di un mistero: l’essere umano  DCM-006
04 June 2022

Pontifical Biblical Commission,
“Che cosa è l'uomo? Un itinerario di antropologia biblica”
[What is Man? An Itinerary of Biblical Anthropology]
Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 2019

After entering the monastery, if I had been able to study academically (even now it is not officially possible), I would certainly have been interested in studying theological anthropology.

I got by on my own and I learned something, but when I held a document entirely devoted to biblical anthropology in my hands, I was intimately happy. The text is approximately 300 pages long and dedicated to understanding what the biblical texts say about man and woman, life and death, and how men have interpreted those generative and foundational chapters of Genesis.

I would say it is a book to be read all in one go (which I did), only to return to it and then slowly stop on every single page to bring into the already known the new of the biblical experts of the Pontifical Biblical Commission.

After decades of feminist theological studies, I would have expected more on Eve; but perhaps another document is needed for that.

Rosa Lupoli
 is a Capuchin nun from Naples, Abbess of the Santa Maria in Jerusalem monastery Maria Lorenza Longo